What IS a tycoon game?

To make a good game, you need to define what that genre is really about to you

Time for a new game!

And the time to define some basic goals for the new project


ML in practice - the Boston Housing problem

let's continue applying our new ML knowledge by solving an actual problem

Learning ML - From theory to practice

I just finished a great course on Coursera, "Machine Learning", and it's time to put this new knowledge to use!


Using Cake to build and publish Wyam blog

Making life easier with Cake build

Row Champion Retrospective

Row Champion is finally complete, so it's time to do some self-examination


Getting more time for my projects

One of the biggest obstacles when creating a game is having too little resources. If you work a 9-5 job, you'll have little time left for your projects. If you don't, your savings will deplete really fast.

Publishing your static site on Amazon S3

So you've spent a lot of time to create a site or a blog. Now we need to publish it, so everybody can see it!

Setting up a blog with static page generator

I've decided to start a blog so I can share with the dev community. What could be better for the first post subject then setting up the blog itself?