Getting more time for my projects

One of the biggest obstacles when creating a game is having too little resources. If you work a 9-5 job, you'll have little time left for your projects. If you don't, your savings will deplete really fast.

Published on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Row Champion was supposed to be a quick, 3 months long project. It's been almost 2 years now in the making. The thing is, according to my notes, I've worked on it only for about 300 hours, so around 2 months... had I worked on it 9-5. I would like to support myself with game dev someday so I need to get more games out and create a name for myself. These numbers don't predict that happening anytime soon. Between my 9-5 job, family and life, there is just too little time to do something meaningful.

The solution seems simple - I need to quit my full-time job. Then what? There are bills to be paid and you got to eat something too. I have some savings, but I don't want to deplete them totally. I was thinking about doing freelancing for some time already, but I was scared a bit about the things that come along with that - fighting for a client, billing and invoicing. Yes, there are a few platforms that help you out with that, but they are open for anyone and seem oversaturated with offers. Without any screening process, anybody can have a profile there and it's really hard for the employers to choose the right person and even harder for a developer to prove his worth and land a job. Most importantly you have to spend a lot of time, fighting for jobs and chasing around people who constantly "forget" to pay you on time. To add to that, in Poland, you have to pay some of the taxes (i. e. VAT) as soon as you create the invoice, which sometimes would mean long before getting the money. It could take all of my newly freed time to manage everything.

Fortunately, just recently a friend of mine recommended me the Toptal. At first, I thought it's just another platform for freelancers, but a quick look at their site explains everything. Compared to the other sites, they have an interview process and hire only top 3% of the applicants. Getting there seems tough, but in turn, they promise to take everything off your back to make your life easier. From finding clients, to billing and invoicing. On top of that they also offer a nice money, which I'll need to support my game dev adventures. They seem the perfect fit for me, so without thinking about it for too long, I've recently started the interview process. Wish me luck!