The personal blog of Bartosz Borowiecki

My name is Bartosz Borowiecki and I'm game and .NET developer. I created this blog to write about the things I'm creating and the things I learned, so others can benefit from it.

ML in practice - the Boston Housing problem

let's continue applying our new ML knowledge by solving an actual problem

Last time I set up the environment and solved a quick and easy example to test the waters. It's time to tackle a harder problem. Fortunately for me scikit-learn comes with a few build-in datasets that I can play with. I want to practice what I've learned at the beginning of the course, so I will try to solve something with Linear Regression first.

Learning ML - From theory to practice

I just finished a great course on Coursera, "Machine Learning", and it's time to put this new knowledge to use!

I got interested in ML some time ago and was looking for some comprehensive introduction. The Machine Learning course taught by prof. Andrew Ng seemed like a really good place to start. The course really teach you the basics (from implementing linear regression to neural network backpropagation) and, while you probably don't need to know those internals to use some ML libraries, it really helps you understand what's going on. Especially why things may go wrong and how to fix them.

Using Cake to build and publish Wyam blog

Making life easier with Cake build

I've recently found some time to write work on the blog again, but when I wanted to publish an update, my previous deploy process broke down. While looking for some replacement I've stumbled upon Cake (C# Make).