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My name is Bartosz Borowiecki and I'm game and .NET developer. I created this blog to write about the things I'm creating and the things I learned, so others can benefit from it.

What IS a tycoon game?

To make a good game, you need to define what that genre is really about to you

Recently, I've started reading The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell. One of the lenses that caught my attention is the lense of essential experience. It got me thinking about how I approach tycoon games, what do I expect to see or find in them and what parts do I like and dislike. To define what kind of experience I want to deliver, let's start with tycoon basics. I think usually a tycoon game consists of at least two elements: the core business sim and construction or at least a placement mechanics.

Time for a new game!

And the time to define some basic goals for the new project

Hello again everyone. Some time has passed since I've published Row champion and I decided to try my hand at game dev once again!

ML in practice - the Boston Housing problem

let's continue applying our new ML knowledge by solving an actual problem

Last time I set up the environment and solved a quick and easy example to test the waters. It's time to tackle a harder problem. Fortunately for me scikit-learn comes with a few build-in datasets that I can play with. I want to practice what I've learned at the beginning of the course, so I will try to solve something with Linear Regression first.